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Interior Painting

Are you tired of your current interior of your home or office premises? Is the current paintwork peeling or faded? Maybe you just want a change of colours to update with current trends or to add a fresh new look? When you are considering changing the interior paintwork in your property give us a call. With no-obligation, free quotes you will gain the benefit of our 12+ years experience in interior painting. Also we service all of the greater Sydney region. Join the growing list of our ecstatic customers. By offering friendly, flexible and cost wise services we are sure to put a smile on your face. Dream Painting professionally paint all interiors of your house and other building types. With our interior painting Sydney services, you get more than just repainting of your walls and ceilings.

Before we even lift a paint brush or roller we take the time to understand what are you wanting to achieve. By talking through design options, various colour schemes and the quality of paints according to the surfaces we are painting, we ensure you get exactly what you are after. Also we make sure to work within your budget. The most important thing you need to know about our interior painters is that we deliver quality workmanship and sensational results. It’s easy to have your home's interior looking exactly as you desire. And that all starts with a quality paintwork and some thoughtful interior design. Our professional interior painters are ready to create the atmosphere you desire. With over 12 years experience we also offer competitive prices. Get your free quote today.

Exterior Painting

Dream Painting are highly skilled exterior painters servicing Sydney, NSW. Our exterior painting services covers everything found on the outside of your property. This includes preparing and painting exterior walls on your home or business premises, other buildings and structures on your property such as sheds, garages, fences and so much more. We also sand back, stain and varnish wooden structures such as timber doors, verandahs and outdoor furniture. Dream Painting professionally paint all exteriors of your home. The number one problem with paint on the outside of your property is the weather. Depending on where you live, you may be exposed to harsh elements such as salt water from the ocean or intense heat from the unforgiving sun. Unfortunately here in Sydney and throughout Australia, we have some of the harshest conditions for paint.

Choosing a quality paint for your exterior paining is essential. Fortunately you can rely on our 12 years of professional painting experience to deliver a great result. Also all out work is fully licensed, insured and guaranteed. Request your no obligation, free quote now.


Is your home looking drab or in need of a colour uplift? Dream Painting specialise in residential painting services in Sydney. Our painters have over 15 year of experience. We help you choose the right colour scheme to match any style you desire. Also we professionally paint all surfaces in your home. That includes all walls, ceilings, bed frames and other furniture. We also sands, stain and varnish timber beams and doors as required.

    Don't risk your home with a DIY job. Benefit from our decades of experience, perfect cutting-in and our warranties.

Your home is most likely your most valuable asset. Don't risk your investment with poor quality paint. By choosing only the finest quality paint we make sure your home's exterior is protected against the harsh Australian elements. But your interior walls also need to be protected too. For example you may want to create a blackboard wall that your children can draw on without damaging your walls. Talk to us about your thoughts and ideas. Our experienced team will provide you with options to suit your budget and requirements.


Dream Painting offer sensational commercial painting services throughout Sydney. Like it or not, your office and building facilities add to your companies reputation. They also impact on company and staff performance. Potential clients judge your credibility on the look of your business premises. Like they say, first impressions last. Your potential clients can gain a lot of understanding from seeing your workplace. Staff are also affected by their surroundings. With neat and attractive facilities you can help improve morale and performance.

Surely you want to create a positive lasting impression with all visitors to your business. Now you can with an outstanding commercial paint job. Send a powerful leading message to your potential clients with an immaculate office and building facility. Let's help you achieve the right paintwork which is an essential element for your companies success. Remember, a self-respecting company will never compromise on their office paint and décor.When you are in need of updating your interior or exterior paintwork for your business, get in contact with our professional team.

Contact us for outstanding professional commercial painting in Sydney.

Fence Painting

When it comes to exterior painting your deck and fence is the area you will notice the most. Fence Painting is a great way to protect, improve and increase the value of your property, and extend the life of your fence. A well-maintained wooden fence will last many years if maintained properly, but if not painted or stained every few years, they will quickly rot, look awful and will eventually fall over in heavy winds. In addition, the wood used in most natural wood fences will age and turn a greyish silver colour, which most people find unattractive. So painting or staining is required for aesthetic reasons too. The work is definitely worth it, as a proper paint job won’t just give your fence a facelift, it will actually extend the life of the fence by protecting it from the elements.

Our professional and hard working fence painting team can take over your entire fence painting requirements. We offer top quality fence painting and fence staining solutions. Whether you’re looking to have your fence painted a solid color, or wish to have its natural wood qualities amplified through fence staining, we provide custom fence services. We work with clients to make sure they choose the optimal paints or stains and provide insights into color or shade selection.

Roof Painting

Replacing roofs costs 3 times more work and money than repainting it. Painting it save your money and time. Aside from the protection it gives to your roof, roof painting also gives great curb appeal to your home and improves the aesthetics of the house as a whole. Selecting the appropriate colour can even make the house look bigger or give visitors an indication of the personality of the home owner.

    Our professional and qualified Dream Painting team can save the hassle and the risk of doing this job yourself, whether it’s to aid in selling your home or just a new and modern change of appearance to enjoy for many years to come.
  1. We begin with a thorough to clean and remove the natural build-up of algae, fungus, contaminants, dirt, grime, mould, etc from roof using a high-pressure water blaster.
  2. Our team then will perform a careful paint application using our experienced colour consultation process.
  3. Lastly, we provide a final clean of the area to ensure your newly painted roof is looking it’s absolute best.

If you are after a truly positive experience and a fantastic paint job, please don’t hesitate to contact us for your obligation free quote.

Spray Painting

Dream Painting are experienced spray painters and have been using spray painting techniques to decorate some of our medium and larger projects for many years. We are able to carry out spraying to a single room, or the entire interior and exterior of your property. The spraying is carried out by trained decorators who will prepare the site before spraying to achieve the best results possible. Spraying can be an advantage for a tight time scale project or hard-to-reach places but overall the results are exceptional, completely absent of brush strokes, can be applied to ceilings, walls, doors, cupboards and window frames in the minimum amount of time. Need more information? Please do contact us and we will be happy to help with job quotes and any other questions you might have. Call 0413 399 421 to speak with a member of our team, email us at [email protected] or fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP. With the spray painting services of Dream Painting , your property can have its best appearance. For many years, we have played a significant role in enhancing the aesthetics and design of houses, commercial establishments and industrial facilities in Sydney.

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The work was carried out in a most satisfactory manner as was the clear up afterwards. Thanks a lot!


Efficient service, friendly staff and minimal disruptio. I would use Dream Painting for any painting services.


A first class job, completed in the agreed time & at the agreed price by two professional, polite and helpful guys.


I'm glad I worked with this company to repair all kind of holes. The service provided is really satisfactory.


"We hired Dream Painting for the interior and exterior of our home. Every aspect of their work, from assisting us with color options and shades to the incredible attention to detail in the preparation work was excellent."

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